Be Remembered

I love this video on YouTube on Greg Plitt.

Greg Plitt was a motivational speaker and personal trainer. This video reminds us that running isn’t about being the fastest, strongest, or most ripped. It’s about dedicating yourself to be a hard worker.

You don’t need to be a media star to be an inspiration to someone. Just getting out there and running can be a motivation to those you know.

You must believe in yourself enough, to be the person now of what others will remember you for later.

How Fast is Your State Running Wise?

Runner’s Worlds’ Robert Reese posted a curious article about how the states stack up again each other when it comes to running titled “How Does Your State Stack Up?”. Being the competitive Type A personality that I am, I of course clicked on it to see how California compares to the rest of the country:

Overall Rankings, The Darker the Purple, The Higher the Rank


Miles Per Capita: 5 out of 50

Runs Per Person: 7 out of 50

Miles Per Run: 17 out of 50

Pace Per Mile: 39 out of 50

Overall Score: 8 out of 50

Now a few things to note:

  • The data was taken from RunKeeper, which only logs mileage when you run with an iPhone.
  • The data does not account for treadmill miles.
  • Take this with a grain of salt as this doesn’t account for the vast majority of runners, especially more serious runners who leave the iPhone at home.
  • RunKeeper has 30 million users.
  • I don’t know of anyone who uses RunKeeper, nor had I heard of it until this study.
  • This is highly unscientific and meant more for entertainment purposes.
  • Mississippi ranks dead last overall. Not too surprised.

Despite the limitations, it is still an interesting data set to consider and see how your state compares.

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Well-Done Wednesday (8/8/2012)

Happy Wednesday to you all! Here are this Wednesday’s picks!

1.Support System – We can’t always do it all on our own. Sometimes we just need someone waiting at the finish to get us through. – from risscon

from PostSecret

2. Perseverance is a noun. – “Souls are like athletes, that need opponents worthy of them, if they are to be tried and extended and pushed to the full use of their powers, and rewarded according to their capacity.” – from OzBooks Weblog

3. Don’t Have Time for Your Run? Prioritize – from Live.Travel.Eat.Run.

4. Greatness Jogger – There is a good chance you have already seen this, but just in case. Nike Running’s new campaign.


5. Mark Cavendish, Find Your Greatness – My favorite cyclist outside of Lance.


Happy Wednesday All:) Tune back in for next week’s picks and feel free to send me any you may have found to!

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Well-Done Wednesday (8/1/2012)

Happy Wednesday to you all! Here’s this Wednesday’s picks, be sure to read the subtitles on the Kilian Jornet video!

1.Greatness is NOT Just in London, England – Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it.


2. Running Inspiration in Tough Times – from Genki Kitty’s Blog

from Genki Kitty’s Blog

3. The Big Question Mark of Your Day– Think you have a good excuse not to run today? Not a chance. – from Running Myles

4. Summits of My Life – Kilian Jornet fascinates me.  from Chris’ Ultra Blog


5. A Life That Leads – “You are living a life that leads, dear runner. And you will serve society well by stepping confidently into this role…” – from

Overheard – An inspiring story of courage from Ronald McDonald House Charities – from Team RMHC

Happy Wednesday All:) Tune back in for next week’s picks and feel free to send me any you may have found to!

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Well-Done Wednesday (7/18/2012)

Happy Wednesday to you all! Here are this week’s Well-Done Wednesday Picks! I hope you enjoy them:)

1.Doesn’t Get More Honest Than That – from Real World Jess

Click to visit the original post

from Real World Jess

2. The Underdogs, Always the Longshot – Good YouTube video with a unique, catchy song.


3. Change is That Simple  – from Life is Beachy Keen


from Life is Beachy Keen

4. Finding Legs and Body: Running the Marathon – “Because that’s why I run: you have to keep going.” – from Meg Heery

5. Consistent Training, The Secret to Success – from teamjohnnyusa

Happy Wednesday All:) Tune back in for next week’s picks and feel free to send me any you may have found to!

Always in Stride,

Coach Jack

Infectious Enthusiasm

Every once in a while we are so lucky as to have someone come into our life who sparks our enthusiasm for our passion. They foster and grow the flame into a burning desire. This is the story of one of the men who inspired the passion of running in me. To this day, I can still remember his near perfect stride lapping the track as his blonde hair flew back as he hit the backstretch of our high school track. As our track team would descend the stadium steps down to the surface of the track for afternoon practice, we would see him completing his own workout before practice. We could immediately see the pure joy on his face. As soon as he stepped onto that track, the man lit up. Simply circling that track brought to his face the most genuine of smiles, he was in his element. His name was Coach Gar.

Home of the Seneca Valley Raider Track & Field Team (

Coach Gar was coming off of his Master’s from Slippery Rock University and had returned to his high school Alma Mater, Seneca Valley Senior High School to be an assistant track coach. One does not become an assistant track coach for a lavish salary or great benefits, they take the position because they have an absolute passion for the sport and love every little thing about it. When I first met him, I was a slacker and had the “goal” of running as a social activity and hoped to get a “pity letter” for my letterman’s jacket. Goofing off in the woods during long runs was far more appealing to me than logging quality miles. These were not exactly ambitious goals to say the least, however, this changed drastically upon meeting Coach Gar my Sophomore year of High School.

Coach Gar was unique because he was capable of producing something that very few people in this world can, infectious enthusiasm. Many are capable of becoming passionate about a sport, but to have the ability to inspire others takes a special person.  Everything Coach Gar did was with unbridled enthusiasm. He is one of those people that truly lives life. From an outsider’s point of view he may at times seem a bit over the top, but this is the way life should be lived and one of the many reasons his athletes loved him so much. He would sprint all over the track for us during both meets and practices, encouraging us every step of the way, screaming at the top of his lungs. His favorite phrase was “LETS GOOOOOOO!”, one he would often yell after sprinting ahead of us during workouts he would run with us. You couldn’t help but get a big smile on your face when you saw him. Through his infectious enthusiasm he molded the happiest runners and hardest workers.

Nothing makes Coach Gar happier than to see his athletes succeed.

I urge you to seek out that which inspires infectious enthusiasm in you whether it be running, cycling, gymnastics, calculus, or any other myriad of activities. There is nothing in your life that will make you happier than following that passion and enthusiasm. Once you find it, seek out the sages, those like Coach Gar, who will serve to foster and grow that enthusiasm in you. Do not waste your time on those who deter you and those who do not understand your pursuit. As a coach now myself, I can only hope to inspire in my athletes what Coach Gar inspired in me. Thank you Coach Gar for spreading your infectious enthusiasm to our team and for helping me to realize the greatest gift I have been given in my life, running. You have helped to shape my path and life more than you will ever know.

Coach Gar in all his smiling glory.

Always in Stride,

Coach Jack

Song – Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Quote – “Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.” – Gordon Parks

Video – The Finish Line – The Jim Tracy Story

Well-Done Wednesday (7/11/2012)

Happy Wednesday to you all! Hope your week is off to a great start and your runs are enjoyable:) Here’s this Wednesday’s picks:

1.Stop Lying to Yourself and Rid of the Excuses – “Happiness is an inside job.  I had to fix my insides before I could accept the position, and to do that, I had to discard the excuses.” – from Fit Recovery.

2. “The Difference, Go World” – Nothing better than some Morgan Freeman narrated motivation.


3. Thinking of Skipping Your Run? Not So Fast… – Try these tips to get your butt out the door. – from Canadian Living

4. Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run. – from



5. 101 Reasons to Run a Marathon – from

Happy Wednesday All:) Tune back in for next week’s picks and feel free to send me any you may have found to!

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Say Hello to The Motivated Runner LLC: We’re Back!

Hello Everybody!

I am pleased to say that after a few weeks of site construction that we are back and better than ever! I have finished all the necessary adjustments to the website and you will notice it is now completely different!

So, what’s different about The Motivated Runner?

1. The Motivated Runner has changed to The Motivated Runner LLC.

With lots of encouragement, love, and support from friends and family I have decided to start my own coaching business! Running has been my passion for 13 years now and I think it would be foolish to not pursue that passion. I have always lived with the mentality that I could pass at any moment and I want my life to be a life worth remembering and one of passion. Sharing running with others and helping people to achieve their goals is what makes me truly happy. I love everything about this sport and study it each and every day. Starting this coaching business will enable me to further pursue my passion and share it with as many people as possible. As Martin Luther King Jr. stated it: “If a man has not found something for which he is willing to die, he isn’t fit to live. If a man refuses to stand up for what he believes, in order that he may live a few years longer, that man dies; and when his actual physical death comes, the cessation of breathing is merely a belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.” Thank you so much to all my friends, family, readers, and loved ones who have made this dream possible.

One of my favorite MLKJ quotes.

2. So what type of coaching will be offered?

I have 4 different options for coaching available as of right now. All options will also incorporate unique motivation for each athlete as well as many little treats and gifts to surprise our athletes and put a smile on their face:)

All of the offerings with in-depth explanations can be found here: Coaching Services

Check it out and let me know what you think so far! I’d love to take you on as one of my next athletes! Hire a Coach Now!

3. New article sections!

I have created several new types of article sections to further improve The Motivated Runner. In addition to the motivation we provide, we now have sections for articles on gear reviews, race reviews, and training articles. These can be found here. I am going to shoot for getting at least one of these articles out per week along with our regular Well-Done Wednesday and Motivation For Running, Motivation for Life posts.

4. Any Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc please feel free to email me at!

Always in Stride,