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Rotating Running Shoe Models May Reduce Injuries

In a previous article I recommended that one should be polygamous with one’s choice in running shoe brand and not be afraid of trying new shoes. I also advocate that one should be polyamorous on a daily basis as opposed to a quarterly basis in regards to shoe models. Recent research has shown that rotating […]

The Sports Gene

This past week I read The Sports Gene by David Epstein. The book looks into the genetics of sports and seeks to determine why select people, or groups of people, excel at certain sports. Epstein delves into touchy topics of race and ethnicity from a scientific standpoint and gets down to the details of what really […]

The Greatest Amount of Pleasure

This Saturday will mark the beginning of the Western States 100 lottery signup period. I will be putting my name into this lottery with hopes of being granted admission to compete in the world’s oldest and most prestigious 100 mile trail race. The race travels from Squaw Valley, California down to Auburn, California covering treacherous […]

How Bad Footwear Affects Your Feet

We are going to focus on yet another aspect of the correct fit for running shoes, with the next topic being the toe box! That begs the questions what is the toe box? As can be seen in the picture below, the toe box is the portion of the shoe that holds the toes and […]

The Child Custody Battle

I’m in the midst of an ugly child custody battle as we speak. Luckily there are no lawyers involved and both sides are being somewhat reasonable. Ironically enough, you, yes you reading this, are in a child custody battle of your own. The custody battle for your inner child. When we first start out as […]

Drop the 1/2 Inch High Heels

If you are a runner reading this, there is a good chance that your run today involved ½ inch high heels. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t wear heels when I run!!” Unfortunately, you most likely do. The majority of the running shoe industry designs their shoes to be a half inch higher […]

Support the Arch?!

Spend enough time in the running industry and you will surely hear the phrase “support the arch”. For quite some time now, an emphasis has been put on so called “arch supports” and “stability shoes”. The creation of these devices is certainly not surprising as humans have an innate desire to control everything. Unfortunately, even […]