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Superbowl Runday!

That special time of year has come around once again, the time of year when most Americans embark on a day’s journey of countless chicken wings, more beers than they can count, and sitting on the couch. Superbowl Sunday. I enjoy Superbowl Sunday myself and will be cheering for the high flyin’ Seahawks today. However, […]

A Weekend with Jay Dicharry, Mark Cucuzzella, and Ian Adamson

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with Jay Dicharry, Mark Cucuzzella, and Ian Adamson for their Healthy Running, Continuing Medical Education (CME) course. The course was held in lovely Laguna Niguel, California at Rausch Physical Therapy. The weekend started with an 8 mile run through the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, which […]

Top 10 Books on Running Science & Training

I spend a lot of my days researching running science, training principles, and nutrition. It is my passion and simply fascinates me. I can’t get enough of the information and am always looking for the next great book to make sense of the sport and activity I love. So far, I have developed quite the […]

Cold Weather Running, Put One Sock On

Running in the cold is a brutal task most of the time. Sure there can be those magical runs with the snow lightly falling, trees covered in snow, temperature just right, and you’re floating along in a winter wonderland, however, that’s not usually the case. Instead you’re attempting to avoid slush puddles, shivering uncontrollably, possibly […]

Cutting Shoes for Science and Truth

Call it being young and having the internet at my fingertips, but I have become rather frustrated with the lack of informed people in the country and world. The majority of people I come across are uninformed and subject to nonsense. I understand that with this post I run the risk of sounding pretentious and […]

Maximalism in Minimalism: Analyzed

The pendulum of the running shoe market continues to swing and has now proven it doesn’t just swing in one plane, left to right. Recent trends have shown that it can move forward and backward and perhaps many other directions as well. The first swing was from maximum cushion, maximum support all the way to […]

Paralyzed by the Critics

In ramping up my website and personal brand, I have grown unnecessarily concerned with what the critics may think. It is unusual for me, as I typically don’t care but I guess for some reason it’s different for me when taking myself far more public than I ever have before. With YouTube videos, increased blog presence, a Podcast […]