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The Sexy Athlete: Sochi Olympics Observations

For the past few days I have enjoyed watching the Sochi Winter Olympics. Watching these athletes perform miraculous feats of strength, elegance, and acrobatics that I could only imagine is awe-inspiring. However, there is something else I have begun to take notice of outside of the athletics. The attractiveness. Nearly every girl flashed up on […]

6 Ways to Fight the Dangers of Sitting

At this point in time, we all know that sitting is not the best thing for us. It burns very few calories, leads to tight muscles (especially ones recruited for running), and often compromises our posture. However, the health detriments go far beyond that. Washington Post recently had a great infographic talking about all the […]

Top 10 Running Books & Novels for Inspiration

After 14 years of running, you could say I’m a bit of a running junkie. To add to it, I’m also a big motivation junkie if you couldn’t tell by the name of this website. I don’t care if it’s cheesy, I’m a bit of a cheese ball myself. In my spare time, I enjoy […]