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Bring On the Wall

Last night, as I glided along the beach path staring off over the Pacific Ocean, I was hit in the face, hard. Luckily it wasn’t a seagull surprise and fortunately it was figuratively not literally. I was in the midst of my weekly long run, an hour and a half in, when I hit the […]

The Noblest Pursuit

Five and a half years ago I found myself stepping on to the Penn State campus as a freshman. How I ended up there, I can’t quite be sure. Perhaps it was the higher tuition of my beloved University of Iowa, possibly the proximity to my family’s home in Mars, PA, or maybe the prestige […]

The Power of the Pack

Howling winds, 2 feet of snow, and a mysterious mountain. This is not exactly what you would imagine as the training grounds of Ryan Hall, Meb, and other US Olympic runners in Mammoth Lakes, California. However, I was not here to train as one might expect. The swirling winds, slushy roads, and bitter cold prevented […]