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Turn Up the Lights

Ladies and Gentlemen, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEE!!!!! Two ten-year old boys fly off the couch,  jumping up and down, flicking the lights on and off, screaming at the top of their lungs in unison with the announcer. This was the scene of my best friend and me at age 10. We would do this for […]

Well-Done Wednesday (4/25/2012)

It’s Hump Day! Here are some great pieces of motivation to put a smile on your face and get you through the hump day of the work week:) 1.The  Monkey on My Wrist – “Life has plenty of people to tell you, you are not measuring up, plenty of tasks you don’t do well and plenty of […]

Well-Done Wednesday (4/18/2012)

Hello Everyone! I apologize for missing last week’s Well-Done Wednesday! It was an insane week with so much going on and the final prep for Ironman St. George. Fear not, we are back this week! Check these out! 1. Amazing Ironman Video that I almost used for this past week’s post – The story of Brian Boyle […]

Dear Mom

Well, here I am, less than three weeks away from Ironman St. George. As odd as it may sound, training has blown by. It honestly does seem like just yesterday that I got the crazy idea in my head and began a loosely structured training plan. When I told others that I was doing the […]

Well-Done Wednesday (4/4/2012)

Happy Wednesday!!! I hope you all are having a fantastic week and plenty of great runs! Check these links out for some extra motivation and smiles:) 1. A Great Run Project by a Fellow Iowan:) – “Last but not least, we promise that when your head hits the pillow on the evening of your run, you’ll be […]

I Am Addicted

[youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTv3sHGNOmQ”] “I am addicted. I’ve collected footsteps before dawn, seen places I never knew existed, run to the moon and back, been a rabbit for the neighborhood dogs, obeyed the voice in my head, let music carry me when I couldn’t, raced against yesterday, let the world be my witness, measured myself in meters, kilometers and finally […]

Well-Done Wednesday (3/28/2012)

Happy Wednesday! Last week we got a great response to Well-Done Wednesday so we are going to be continuing on this new addition to the blog! Here are this week’s picks! 1. We Need More Runners Like This One – “I tell you this because all this positive energy tends to spill out onto random people when […]

Well-Done Wednesday (3/21/2012)

Hello my wonderful readers! I am now going to be adding more content to the website in the form of other blogs/posts/videos for you to check out and also a new section for training articles! We’re starting with “Well-Done Wednesday“, a collection of blog posts, videos, and photos that I have come across that I think […]