I love being in the cheering section in the final miles of a race.

I love being in the cheering section in the final miles of a race.

There is so much drama and human emotion during the tail end of the race. I vividly remember athletes slowing to a walk as the weight of the distance comes down upon them. What I find most motivating is watching them feed off the energy of the crowd and finding a way to turn their walk, back into a run. You can see the determination in their face and eyes. Their passion burns brightly and the surrounding people feed off that energy. The crowd surges with the quickening pace of the runner and all inhibition of human emotion is lost. It is pure and it is real. These are the moments I remember most.

Motivation is a funny thing. It seems to arrive in all different forms. We’re never quite sure when or how it’ll show up.

It seems that we assume that to be a source of motivation you need to be the top athlete, or someone “important”. That’s just not the case.

Skip to 1:13 to see the everyday motivation.
For me, hearing the struggles of the regular guy are motivating. Because unlike the elite athletes of the world who are worrying about finishing in the top 10, sponsors, and their fans, the regular guy knows our pain, struggle, and despair.

The regular guys are training day in and day out with kids, spouses, mortgages, day jobs, and diseases. They are paying their own way to the race and doing it for their own self-satisfaction. They may think that no one is watching them, but they are wrong.

Keep this in mind, every day you go for a run. Often people are too shy to dole out compliments, but I can guarantee you someone you don’t know is inspired by your run. You are a motivator, a hero, and a leader just because you get out there each day and go for a run. Never underestimate yourself and always push on. You are a motivation source to many.

Always in Stride,


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