In case you don’t know who Kilian Jornet is

“I am not afraid to fail, to get lost, to dream, to be myself, to find. I am not afraid to live.” – Kilian Jornet

Today, lets take a page out of the book of one of my favorite athletes of all time: Kilian Jornet.

In case you don’t know who Kilian Jornet is; by age 25, Kilian had won every major event that he had set out to. These included top ultra marathons like: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Western States 100, and many more. In short, Kilian is one of the most decorated trail runners ever.

So after he won every race he set out to, people asked: “are you going to stay on the circuit and keep winning?” His answer was simple: “Why?”

It is said that the core of man’s spirit comes from new experience. Kilian understands this well. After all these accomplishments he set off on a project called “Summits of My Life”. The point of the project being to summit and descend major mountains around the world at world record times.

Kilian, but take a different path. Don’t run the same old way.

Go up that hill, or down into that valley.

Always in stride,


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