It’s You Vs. No, Can’t, Next Year, Last Year, Statistics, History, The Odds

Running isn’t a competitive sport, but you are always competing.

Who are you competing against? Your inner demons.

Your inner demons are the part of yourself that says “No, you can’t go on a run. You can get in shape next year. And last year you ran a lot. So there is no need to go out today.”

Well, I got news for you, today is your day to fight back against those inner demons. It’s time to put them on notice.

It’s You Vs. No
It’s You Vs. Can’t
It’s You Vs. Next Year
It’s You Vs. Last Year
It’s You Vs. Statistics
It’s You Vs. History
It’s You Vs. The Odds

The clock is ticking, lets see what you got.

Always in stride,


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