I Think I Can: Jump On The Placebo Train

The mind is a very powerful thing as we have all learned by now. If you set you mind to achieve or believe something, then that will become your reality. I recently read a Steve Magness article titled “The Placebo Response- belief, expectations, and why it matters in the world of sport” that goes into the science behind the placebo effect, how it applies to running, and how we see it show up in modern medicine.

One of the areas that I see this most applicable is into training the brain into what we believe we are capable of. One of my co-workers from an old job talked about how he would do workouts at paces faster than he thought he could handle in order to “train his brain” to realize that these speeds were possible too. Magness calls out how coaches will lead their athletes to believe they are running faster than they really are on the track in order to convince them that they can indeed run faster than what they originally may have believed. This leads to confidence that they can now run these new times.


FreeDigitalPhotos.net Tom Curtis

FreeDigitalPhotos.net Tom Curtis

This coaching/training philosophy can be a dangerous road, especially if an athlete catches on. Then it can be confusing to know what to think/trust. However, in small doses I am a fan. My high school coach would play head games with me all the time and it led to my best times on the track, I loved it. However, for others it might lead to frustration and disappointment. The key is knowing your athlete and what they respond best to.

The main focus of the article is that if you believe in something, then that in fact is reality to a point. Whether it be injections, pills, copper infused garments, or any myriad of other methods or products, then to a certain extent it does in fact work. A positive mindset can make a big impact on your workouts and performances. Set your expectations such that it will lead you to your ultimate goals.

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