8 Big Life Goals for the Next 5 Years

Well it’s about that time again for me to lay out some big life goals for myself over the next 5 years. Last time I did this, I was able to stick to it and achieve exactly what I was hoping to. However, I do not believe it is within the nature of man to remain stagnant and satisfied, that is reserved for death. My mind has been racing a lot as of late and it’s time to identify and call out a new direction.

1. Financially Sound and Out of Debt

At this point in time I have $32000 worth of debt left from college (easy ladies, don’t all jump at once). This debt is a pain in the ass to be completely honest. It comes with an interest rate that is larceny and contributes to my conspiracy of how our whole generation was fucked over, but that’s for another day. I want nothing more financially than to be out from under the thumb of this and back to zero. I’d like to not send Ed Financial Services $250 a month, $150 of which goes to a ludicrous interest rate. I’d like the financial freedom to invest, grow, and make purchases. I want financial freedom not only from student loans but also from working as well. I want to make enough on my own to cover my costs of life and to “work” on the side for “fun”. I’m far more productive that way.


2. Own a Home in California

If you do the math of goal 1 and goal 2, it adds up to quite a lot. There is not place in the world that I have felt more at home in than California. I love the views, the beauty, the people, the cities, the climate, the diversity, the attitudes, and pretty much everything about it. California is my muse and I would always like to have a bungalow here to come home to for at least some duration during the year. I fought so hard to get out here and stay here, I want to make sure I can always come back here.


3. Remain Unmarried

I am sure that this will be the goal that has the most people up in arms and will create a nice little Facebook comment firestorm. Ever since some rather interesting relationships in college, I have realized that I absolutely love being single and what it allows me to do. I don’t answer to anyone, about anything, at any time. At the drop of a hat I can do whatever I like with whoever I like. I love meeting a wide variety of people without having someone looking over my shoulder. I like getting to know who is compatible with me. I also like having plenty of me-time considering 65 years of being with the same person is a long time, it can wait a while longer. Of all the couples I know in-between the ages of 20-30 who are married, I think maybe 2% of them have a marriage that is even close to resembling something that I would want. Honestly (and don’t ask if you are that couple). Most of the time what I hear from married persons is complaints about lost dreams, petty fights, and god knows what else (I zone out sometimes). It’s just not for me at this point in time. I’m an independent asshole who likes doing what he likes doing. I’m not in a mindset that works for a marriage and I know it. I think it’s smart and responsible to not enter into a legally binding contract when I am not ready. Especially when there is a 50% chance of success. Hell, I think every marriage ceremony should have a ceremonial coin flip: heads means you get married, tails means it’s off. Yes, I’m a cynic but I also know what makes me happy. It’s not to say I’ll never be married or never consider it, but I know what works for me right now. I won’t marry unless I find someone with whom my goals, passions, and desires align with almost perfectly. I do agree there has to be some sacrifice for small things, but no way am I sacrificing my dreams and what makes me happy. If I get married, the girl will probably be similar to the one in this CitiCards commercial. Besides, I couldn’t even afford marriage at this point:)


4. Live Abroad

I have gotten really good at following my gut since college. I get an idea in my head and I stay true to it no matter what. California was that way, quitting Accenture was that way, and most of my dreams and passions are that way. For the past few years I have had a desire to live in Australia, Spain, South Africa, and Vancouver. I’ve never been to any of these places and I can’t quite explain why, but my gut is telling me it’s right and the path I need to be on.


5. Published

I have been working on a few different books over the past few years with varying degrees of success. Resistance gets in the way and I worry of what the critics will think, which is silly. In the next 5 years I want to have at least 1 book published, regardless of how bad it is. I need to get the monkey off my back and let the muse take over from there.


6. Western States 100

The Western States 100 is one of the most prestigious endurance events in the world. It started off as a horse race and evolved into a foot race when a horse pulled up lame one year and the owner completed the course the following year on foot in just under 24 hours. The course travels from Squaw Valley, CA to Auburn, CA and features around 19,000 feet of elevation gain and 21,000 feet of elevation loss. It is another one of those things calling me.



7. Blog Success and Payment of Rent/Mortgage

This blog started out as a passion project to express myself and get out frustrations while working at a job I really didn’t belong at. It has evolved into my voice and a way for me to establish myself in the industry I love. It was recently monetized and is becoming profitable. However, I have bigger goals for it to reach a wider audience. I want to connect people to each other and to ideas that advance the running community. I also would like the blog to cover my rent and or mortgage on a monthly basis:)


8. Get in Better Shape Every Year

Since 18, each year I have been in the best shape of my life. I want this to continue and at the very least be in the Touch of Gray commercials at age 55. I see no reason to get out of shape and to let eating habits slide. I’m going to keep running and working out each and every day, staying fit and able for whatever comes my way.


Feel free to argue or criticize. It’s fun that way:)

Always in Stride,


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  1. Tangawizi
    Tangawizi says:

    You’re crazy. I love it. Keep it up, JH, the relentless head first dive into your passions, your dreams, your desires. Can’t wait to see you in that touch of gray commercial (; and hey, Tanzania ain’t a bad place either.

  2. Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson says:

    Jack, I’m glad I’ve connected with you on Linkedin. Your blog presents a very candid view of your goals. Just setting some is a step in the right direction. My take for what its worth:
    1. You hate your student loans and I get that. The reason your interest rate is so high is your credit risk rating from your lender. I freaked 27 yrs. ago when I wanted to finance my first car out of college, 19.5%APR. But with no or little personal credit rating, that’s life. The amount of default on student loans is staggering and in turn is the largest contributor to extraordinary interest rates.
    2. If you like Cali, God bless. Just know Obamacare out there is being managed by people with financial crime records. And, ask Phil Mickelson what its like to be taxed at a 60% rate.
    3. Too many people rush into marraige and end up in a mess. Enjoy your freedom but don’t be surprised if the right one comes along somewhere down the road.
    4. Again if you like the idea, great. Cost will astound you so make sure #1 is gone first.
    5. IMO, this is your most noblest goal and will ultimately gain you the most credibility when you acheive it.
    6. Let me know when you check this one off your list. Sounds like a tremendous test of human endurance and worthy or extreme pride for those who finish.
    7. I’m not sure how you can connect these two (blog/paying mortgage). I can tell you once you take care of the latter, your stress level and financial position dramatically improves.
    8. I’m with you on this one. I’m in better shape in my late 40’s than I was in my late 20’s. Rock on, brother!!!

    • jackwp
      jackwp says:

      Bill, thanks so much for supporting the blog and your insights/comments. 19.5% interest on a car, yikes! I guess 6.75% isn’t too bad for a student loan then:) Really appreciate your opinions. Will be sure to keep you posted on the progress:)

  3. Ken
    Ken says:

    What were your goals from five years ago? I know you said you accomplished them but I think it would be interesting to see what they were.

    With your attitude and determination these goals will be easy for you! Which one do you think will be the hardest to achieve?

    • jackwp
      jackwp says:

      The last time I did this was probably 2 years or so ago:

      1. Leave Accenture
      2. Find a job I was truly passionate about
      3. Develop blog to establish myself in the running industry
      4. Ironman
      5. Ultramarathon

  4. Gretchen
    Gretchen says:

    You have such a great style for writing and I love it! Almost feels like you’re just telling me these things instead of writing them down. Can’t wait to pick up your book in the near future!

  5. Brittany
    Brittany says:

    I love these so much!
    1. Yes.
    2. Have you heard about the ‘tiny project’? Seems like a very cool guy with a mission that you might relate to. He lives in California and his goals seem to align with yours (particularly #1): http://tiny-project.com/about-tiny-project-com/
    3. This one is hilarious. Not because I don’t think it makes sense – it absolutely does for your current life situation and outlook – but because it’s one of those things where you are probably setting yourself up for failure (of the best kind!). Whenever someone is really honest with themselves about what they want and what their life goals are, they often accidentally find a partner who believes in the same things and will help them on the journey.
    4. Just had two friends relocate to Spain and South Africa. For what it’s worth, Spain was MUCH easier in terms of bureaucracy.
    5,6,7,8: Good luck! You won’t know until you try!

    • jackwp
      jackwp says:

      Thanks for the sharing of the tiny project Britt! That’s really awesome! I’m hoping I didn’t tempt fate by #3. Far too happy right now to sacrifice all that haha. However, if it happens, it happens.


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