Earmuffs and The Beauty of the Irrational

The airwaves have been dead for a while. The muse and wit to write have not come to visit lately, though that is not to say I haven’t had a few ideas. The time has come to fire it back up and proceed with the next stages to come. It’s about to be a very interesting ride with many unknowns, so might as well jump right in.

Beauty of the Irrational

This past year was my biggest year in endurance racing: Leona Divide 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, Ironman Coeur d’Alene, and Ironman Lake Tahoe. It was the most I have ever trained/raced over the course of a year and afforded me a variety of rewarding and enriching experiences. However, it was simply not enough, nor will it ever be. I am full of wanderlust and am a vagabond soul. My sights will always be set on what is next and exploring how far the human body can go.

I have had talks with some people about what is to come and for the most part it has been a negative response. This has led me to question my desires and coming challenges. Not surprisingly, my conclusion is to pull on the earmuffs and pursue the passion as I always have. My gut has never led me astray to and I am not about to ignore it now. Endurance racing is one of my greatest gifts I have to offer and gives me immense amounts of joy. Only a fool would turn away from that.

Ryan Sandes’ quote from a video called The Beauty of the Irrational is my fuel to keep going: “This is more just kind of feeding my soul. I don’t have ten reasons why I should run, it’s just I want to run and it’s something that excites me. I think generally we always question ourselves, we always feel like we have to be rational about things instead of just actually doing it for pure enjoyment, our gut feeling, and the sake of doing it.”
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/47355798]
Stay tuned for the 2014 race schedule, it’s going to be epic,

Always in Stride,


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