Kill Your Heroes

Most every person reading this has some type of hero that they look up to; someone that they are in some way striving to become or attempting to emulate. Heroes can serve to give us hope and teach us to hold on just a few moments longer. A hero sets an example for others to live by, grounded firmly in sound morals and values. At times, heroes transcend humanity and become almost godlike.


The moment a hero becomes godlike is the moment I disdain the hero motif. I stand in a different corner when it comes to heroes. I see heroes as a tool but also as a limitation. Too often heroes are put on a pedestal as someone who is super human and capable of things that nobody else is. As soon as you buy into this notion of the godlike hero, you have set your own limitations of how far you can go. Heroes are just as human as you and I. Heroes will fall and it now happens far more often than we would like in today’s information age. Take a look at Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, A-Rod, Barry Bonds, the list goes on and always will.

Heroes are imperfect. You must never believe that it is impossible to surpass your hero in at least some way. Perhaps it’s being better at your job, or as a parent, or at a certain race distance, or any other countless measures. With each and every person you meet, you are better than them in some way and they are better than you in some way. You should seek to learn from them, as they should seek to learn from you. Push each other to evolve, the most basic aspect of human nature.

You must evolve to become the hero of your own life. You must figuratively kill your heroes in your mind and realize that you can be better than them in many ways. You need to quit playing the role of victim hoping to be saved and take control of your own life. As our song of the week puts it: “Never let your fear decide your fate. I say you kill your heroes and fly, fly baby.” The way I see it from where I am sitting: Game On World, Game On.

Always in Stride,

Coach Jack

Song – Kill Your Heroes – AWOLNATION

Quote – “We need a hero. Courageous, sacrificing people. Setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero, people line up for ’em, cheer for them, scream their names, and years later tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who told them to HOLD ON a second longer. I believe there is a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble. And finally gets us to die with pride. Even though sometimes we have to be steady and give up the thing we want most.”

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  1. bgddyjim
    bgddyjim says:

    Great post – you touched on a huge point… The problem isn’t the hero, it’s putting them on a pedestal in the first place. If I can’t live up to my expectations it will be impossible for anyone else to as well. I won’t have to kill my hero if I don’t put him on a pedestal in the first place. ;)

  2. Nate Smith
    Nate Smith says:

    I have been missing your posts, Jack! They are very insightful, and this one was one of the best ones to date (please don’t take that to mean the others are not significant). I have been struggling with this issue for a long time, so your post hit me quite personally. After chasing an imaginary hero/model for years, I’m slowly starting to understand that I, too, can be great, and that heroes/models come and go depending on the context of situations. Too often, I have been looking for the model/hero in someone else when I should have just looked in the mirror.

  3. sjperren
    sjperren says:

    Great post, thank you! I recently found that my great heros were human, and it hurt to get a dose of reality. Their message is powerful and inspiring, but they have made mistakes and don’t have all the answers. I guess it’s best to keep the good and discard the bad, and remember that’s humans can always let you down because….. they’re human!


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