Well-Done Wednesday (7/18/2012)

Happy Wednesday to you all! Here are this week’s Well-Done Wednesday Picks! I hope you enjoy them:)

1.Doesn’t Get More Honest Than That – from Real World Jess

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from Real World Jess

2. The Underdogs, Always the Longshot – Good YouTube video with a unique, catchy song.


3. Change is That Simple  – from Life is Beachy Keen


from Life is Beachy Keen

4. Finding Legs and Body: Running the Marathon – “Because that’s why I run: you have to keep going.” – from Meg Heery

5. Consistent Training, The Secret to Success – from teamjohnnyusa

Happy Wednesday All:) Tune back in for next week’s picks and feel free to send me any you may have found to jack@themotivatedrunner.com!

Always in Stride,

Coach Jack

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  1. Christofer
    Christofer says:

    Currently we have a 530am, 630am and a 9am. I do not have a time set up yet for the 8 am. But we could get something going on that. If you do have any other quntisoes please feel free to call or email me at Because it is hard to reply through the website.

  2. http://www.wisspurrs.com/
    http://www.wisspurrs.com/ says:

    Although I can't technically disagree, that is a high bar to set where monetary matters are concerned. Intellectuals, like everyone else, are products of their time; Friedman endorsed fairly radical monetary theory and policy, to the point of even coming around to the advocacy of proposals that free-banking schoolers could endorse. Friedman opposed the University of Chicago offering Hayek a position. He still supported state control of money, fiat money, and a central bank. That is hardly a free market champion.


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