Well-Done Wednesday (7/11/2012)

Happy Wednesday to you all! Hope your week is off to a great start and your runs are enjoyable:) Here’s this Wednesday’s picks:

1.Stop Lying to Yourself and Rid of the Excuses – “Happiness is an inside job.  I had to fix my insides before I could accept the position, and to do that, I had to discard the excuses.” – from Fit Recovery.

2. “The Difference, Go World” – Nothing better than some Morgan Freeman narrated motivation.


3. Thinking of Skipping Your Run? Not So Fast… – Try these tips to get your butt out the door. – from Canadian Living

4. Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run. – from MuscleQuotes.com


From MuscleQuotes.com

5. 101 Reasons to Run a Marathon – from www.runaddicts.net

Happy Wednesday All:) Tune back in for next week’s picks and feel free to send me any you may have found to jack@themotivatedrunner.com!

Always in Stride,