Say Hello to The Motivated Runner LLC: We’re Back!

Hello Everybody!

I am pleased to say that after a few weeks of site construction that we are back and better than ever! I have finished all the necessary adjustments to the website and you will notice it is now completely different!

So, what’s different about The Motivated Runner?

1. The Motivated Runner has changed to The Motivated Runner LLC.

With lots of encouragement, love, and support from friends and family I have decided to start my own coaching business! Running has been my passion for 13 years now and I think it would be foolish to not pursue that passion. I have always lived with the mentality that I could pass at any moment and I want my life to be a life worth remembering and one of passion. Sharing running with others and helping people to achieve their goals is what makes me truly happy. I love everything about this sport and study it each and every day. Starting this coaching business will enable me to further pursue my passion and share it with as many people as possible. As Martin Luther King Jr. stated it: “If a man has not found something for which he is willing to die, he isn’t fit to live. If a man refuses to stand up for what he believes, in order that he may live a few years longer, that man dies; and when his actual physical death comes, the cessation of breathing is merely a belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.” Thank you so much to all my friends, family, readers, and loved ones who have made this dream possible.

One of my favorite MLKJ quotes.

2. So what type of coaching will be offered?

I have 4 different options for coaching available as of right now. All options will also incorporate unique motivation for each athlete as well as many little treats and gifts to surprise our athletes and put a smile on their face:)

All of the offerings with in-depth explanations can be found here: Coaching Services

Check it out and let me know what you think so far! I’d love to take you on as one of my next athletes! Hire a Coach Now!

3. New article sections!

I have created several new types of article sections to further improve The Motivated Runner. In addition to the motivation we provide, we now have sections for articles on gear reviews, race reviews, and training articles. These can be found here. I am going to shoot for getting at least one of these articles out per week along with our regular Well-Done Wednesday and Motivation For Running, Motivation for Life posts.

4. Any Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc please feel free to email me at!

Always in Stride,


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