Well-Done Wednesday (6/6/2012)

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Hope your June is off to a great start! Here are this week’s picks!

1.I Bow to You – Runners come in all shapes and sizes. This article does a wonderful job to celebrate a running group that oftentimes does not celebrate themselves. – from FlintLand

2. The Relentless Road Runner – One of my best friends, Brian Beatty has started a new blog to chronicle his journey to the Chicago Marathon. This is his first post on how he has reached the point where he stands now.

3. My Very Guilty Pleasure – I have been known to have a soft spot for awful bubble gum pop music, however, I’ve hit a new low. Carly Rae Jepsen has now made it on to my mix. I dare you to listen to it and not tap your foot to the beat. It’s fun to run to;) So call me, maybe?


4. Wonderful Showing of Sportsmanship – ESPN article about a high school track runner who helped carry another runner across the finish line during the 2 mile.

5. Really Cool Ryan Hall Commercial – thanks to Relentless Road Runner


That’s it for this Wednesday! Please feel free to share with the great stuff you’ve found or created and I just might feature it next week! Send me an email or leave a comment:)

Always in Stride,