Well-Done Wednesday (5/23/2012)

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I have 5 brand new picks for ya that I know you’re gonna love! Check ’em out!

1. It Gets Easier – “So I’m here to say, right now, to every runner or aspiring runner out there: Keep it up. You’re doing great, no matter what you might think. And it gets easier.” – from StaufenRunning

2. It’s Like a Switch – “When you really focus and make concrete decisions to do things, suddenly you remember how to run and how to jump and how to sweat your ass off.” – from Idiot Runner Girl

3. Great Quote for the Week – from It’s Progression Not Perfection.

Good Luck to Progression Not Perfection in her Half Marathon!

4. Color Run – I have no idea what this is, but it looks so awesome and fun. Put a smile on my face:) Thanks to Win! for the find.


5. Bay to Breakers Pictures – Nice write up on Bay to Breakers complete with Top 10 costumes. I NEED to do this race at some point. It looks like such a blast!

That’s it for this Wednesday! Please feel free to share with the great stuff you’ve found or created and I just might feature it next week! Send me an email or leave a comment:)

Always in Stride,


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  1. jljohnson
    jljohnson says:

    First off – THANKS! :)
    Second – My husband and I are registered for the Color Run in September here in Jax. It looks amazing! I’m excited to get a chance to run it!


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