Well-Done Wednesday (4/25/2012)

It’s Hump Day! Here are some great pieces of motivation to put a smile on your face and get you through the hump day of the work week:)

1.The  Monkey on My Wrist – “Life has plenty of people to tell you, you are not measuring up, plenty of tasks you don’t do well and plenty of  things you have to do that you don’t like.  Your hobby shouldn’t be any of those things.” – from Peanut Butter and Pancakes. I LOVE this post about running watch-less (a.k.a. naked) and also the Blog Title contains two of my favorite things: Pancakes and Peanut Butter. Impossible not to love this post.

2. Good Playlist to Mix Up Your Week – from Savor Life’s Flavors. I personally am a big fan of Play Your Part (1) by Girl Talk

3. Run. Inspire. – A Simple, Elegant Philosophy – “Run. Inspire. It’s nice to know that both can be as difficult or as simple as we choose to make it. Run for the joy of motion. Or dance, or walk, or whatever. Inspire by keeping a good heart, having confidence in yourself and maintaining a real interest in others.” – from mewruns

4. Running for a Reason – from Miles to Run


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Well-Done Wednesday links! Check back next Wednesday for a new 5!

Always in Stride,


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