I Am Addicted


“I am addicted. I’ve collected footsteps before dawn, seen places I never knew existed, run to the moon and back, been a rabbit for the neighborhood dogs, obeyed the voice in my head, let music carry me when I couldn’t, raced against yesterday, let the world be my witness, measured myself in meters, kilometers and finally character. I’ve plugged into a higher purpose, left this world and come back changed. I am addicted.” – Nike

It’s difficult to attempt to put into words the level of addiction that I have reached with running and endurance sport training. I liken the end of my workout to the end of a much anticipated amusement park ride when I was a kid. I just cannot get enough and it always leaves me wanting more. My coach knows this all too well. He makes sure to check up on me during scheduled rest days as he knows I’m the type of athlete to ignore rest as are most runners and triathletes.

The highlight of my day is always my workout(s). It is a fix that I must have to function. Those who know me well, know to watch out when I haven’t been able to get my workout in. It is as essential to me as showering, eating, and sleeping. I often get questions from friends such as “Don’t you get bored?”, “Do you ever get sick of running?”, and “Don’t you want to quit?”. The simple answer to all of these questions: No. Running and triathlon dictate everything in my life right now and nothing takes precedence. Going out, dates, work, phone calls, meals, TV, etc. all are just background noise compared to running.

I know this post is scattered as it is hard to put in to words exactly what my running addiction means to me. I think the quote from our video puts it best when it states I’ve “measured myself in meters, kilometers and finally character. I’ve plugged into a higher purpose, left this world and come back changed.” Running has made my character what it is. I interpret every event of my life through my running as I am constantly drawing parallels between the two. I can’t even begin to imagine the person I would be if I hadn’t found running. I’d love to hear what your running addiction means to you and how you put it in to words. Feel free to share in the comments!

Always in Stride,


P.S. In case it’s bugging you, the voice in the video is Edward Norton.

Quote – “It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.” – Ann Trason

Song – Now We Are Free – Gladiator

Video – Nike I Am Addicted Ad

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  1. Nate Smith
    Nate Smith says:

    I, too, am finding that running is quite addicting. However, my only caution is that, speaking as a married man with kids and a demanding job, be careful not to let running dictate everything in your life. Your family needs you, and those dates, special nights, etc., are important.


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