Well-Done Wednesday (3/28/2012)

Happy Wednesday! Last week we got a great response to Well-Done Wednesday so we are going to be continuing on this new addition to the blog! Here are this week’s picks!

1. We Need More Runners Like This One – “I tell you this because all this positive energy tends to spill out onto random people when I run. When I see someone out running, working really hard and you can tell it’s tough, I always smile at them. Or if I see someone who just has to come to a stop for a rest, I’ll say “You’re doing a great job!”” from asolorunner!

2. Inspiring Running Challenge With a Wonderful Purpose – “Each morning or night before our runs we hold hands in a closed circle and share who we’re dedicating our run to that day – why we’re running! The circles bring smiles, laughs, and tears. Most importantly, they remind us why we’re running 3,080 Miles over the next 21 days.” from Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults!

3. Great Guide on a Lot of Things Running – “Today I came across this Infographic on the Greatist.com website and HAD to share it with you.  Even if you’re not a runner, it has some interesting facts.” from Fancy Oatmeal!

4. Amusing London 2012 Olympics Commercial – I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited for London 2012! This commercial put a smile on my face:)

5. I’m a Runner Moment – “I just had my first, “hey, I’m a runner moment” last night.” from Run Big Boy. Fun post about the running community and how easy it is to make a connection with other runners.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Well-Done Wednesday pieces! Check back next Wednesday for a new 5!

Share with a comment what you have found this week or what you think of these pieces! It just might get included in next week’s 5!

Always in Stride,


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  1. Steve Good
    Steve Good says:

    Jack, Love the blog. I have a blog, a running project called agoodrun.com. I’d love to feature you. I’m in search of 52 runners (one for each week) to feature. The blog allows runners across the world to show off their city, thank others through thank you signs along the run in front of landmarks and promote a cause that means something to you. Check out the blog (specifically the Join Us tab at the top) and let me know if you’re interested.

    Steve Good


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