Well-Done Wednesday (3/21/2012)

Hello my wonderful readers! I am now going to be adding more content to the website in the form of other blogs/posts/videos for you to check out and also a new section for training articles! We’re starting with “Well-Done Wednesday“, a collection of blog posts, videos, and photos that I have come across that I think you’ll enjoy. Check them out now!

Beautiful trees I'd love to run through. Picture via Flickr(LostPizzaBoy).

1. 25 TED Talks You Should Show Your Kids – Provided to me by one of our readers, a great compilation of wonderful TED talks. “Living Beyond Limits” with Amy Purdy is fantastic, be sure to check it out!

2. A Night With an Old Friend – Great post on simply being in the moment and simply “being here” by good friend and fellow runner, Daniel Colameco.

3. Ego and Faking It – “An Ego on its game does not go into overdrive, it does not take a day off. It remembers the sting of failure to meet expectations and yearns to experience sweet victory every day.” – Great piece on the ego and using it to your advantage from an old teammate and awesome friend, Alli Shutt.

4. Feel Good Video on “Validating” Those Around Us – Uplifting and catchy:) If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face and put you in a better mood, then I don’t know what to say.

5. Running With Gratitude – ” I should be thankful for every single step I run because there are so many who cannot.”A touching post I found on being grateful for the ability to run from “I Broke my Umbrella”.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Well-Done Wednesday pieces! Check back next Wednesday for a new 5!

Share with a comment what you have found this week!

Always in Stride,


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