Local SoCal Coaching

Local, in-person coaching is the bread and butter of The Motivated Runner LLC. This option provides athletes with everything we have to offer as we join you in your journey towards a new PR and achieving your running goals. We know that you are unique and love that about you! That’s why we want to become a part of your daily running routine and help you to succeed.

In person coaching plans provide athletes unlimited contact with the coach via Text/Email and occasional contact via Phone/FaceTime/Skype. Other coaching companies limit the ways and number of times athletes are allowed to contact the coach. The way we see it, life changes each and everyday as does your status as a runner. We want to make sure our tailor made plan is still fitting your status. We make changes on the go for life circumstances, injuries, and anything else that may get in the way. It’s just one more way we are improving our service to you. We also make sure that you are always motivated and know how to get you in the right mindset to become the best runner you can be. We’ll be sending you little videos, quotes, songs, and other motivational bits along the way to put a smile on your face and bolster your determination.

What You Get:

  • Customized Training Plan for all Race Distances and Goals

  • Unlimited Text/Email

  • Occasional Phone/FaceTime/Skype

  • 2 In-person visits per Month, $50 for each additional visit

  • In-person visit can be coach support/attendance at local races

Location Available:

The Pricing Structure:

  • 1 Month – $200

  • 3 Months – $550

  • 6 Months – $1050

  • 12 Months – $2050

Sounds Good, Right? So Why Wait?

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