Well-Done Wednesday (5/23/2012)

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I have 5 brand new picks for ya that I know you’re gonna love! Check ‘em out!

1. It Gets Easier - “So I’m here to say, right now, to every runner or aspiring runner out there: Keep it up. You’re doing great, no matter what you might think. And it gets easier.” – from StaufenRunning

2. It’s Like a Switch - “When you really focus and make concrete decisions to do things, suddenly you remember how to run and how to jump and how to sweat your ass off.” – from Idiot Runner Girl

3. Great Quote for the Week - from It’s Progression Not Perfection.

Good Luck to Progression Not Perfection in her Half Marathon!

4. Color Run - I have no idea what this is, but it looks so awesome and fun. Put a smile on my face:) Thanks to Win! for the find.

5. Bay to Breakers Pictures - Nice write up on Bay to Breakers complete with Top 10 costumes. I NEED to do this race at some point. It looks like such a blast!

That’s it for this Wednesday! Please feel free to share with the great stuff you’ve found or created and I just might feature it next week! Send me an email or leave a comment:)

Always in Stride,



  1. Thanks for the good luck wishes! :)
    I would LOVE to try the color run sometime–the race would go so fast with all of the color distractions.

  2. The color run sounds amazing!!! Definitely going to be doing it when it comes to cleveland

  3. First off – THANKS! :)
    Second – My husband and I are registered for the Color Run in September here in Jax. It looks amazing! I’m excited to get a chance to run it!

  4. I just did the color run today!!! it was such a blast!!

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